Let's celebrate both Easter and True Birthday of Jesus Christ (April 17)!

Well, the Easter is the day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who was made to the crucifixion by the cross and was killed. Then, by the modern scientific technology, we know that April 17 (Sat.), 6 B.C. was the true birthday when Jesus Christ was really born in the earth. Let's celebrate both the Easter and the true birthday of Jesus Christ (April 17) among all the Christians all over the world every year, too!

Before taking baptism at the Church of Latter-Day Saint of Jesus Christ many years ago, I took lessons from the missionaries, too. They told me that Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem in the spring when the sheep were grazed in the Israeli area in fact.

Since the time of his true birthday wasn't clear until now, I just tell it to other people that the Christmas is December 25. As for the date of December 25, Savior Mithra of Mithraeum, which was very popular in Babylonia area for a long time ago, was born at the day. It is said that the birthday of Mithra was borrowed by the Roman Catholic Churches in the age when the accurate birthday of Jesus Christ wasn't clear for a long time ago. Then, after medieval times came, the Christmas of December 25 became very popular around the Catholics and became celebrated very splendidly. (The day of the winter solstice in the old days was about December 25 because "the lunar calendar" was adopted and it was 28 days in one month long ago. But, since "the solar calendar" is adopted today and it is about 30 days in one month, the day of the winter solstice is about December 22 at present.)

It is said that the shepherds, who visited Jesus, were watching the sheep without sleep and were preparing for childbirth of the sheep in April-May of the spring. We hope that the true birthday of Jesus Christ will be celebrated among all the Christians in the world as soon as possible.

In December 2002, "the Star of Bethlehem" was taken up in the Christmas Special Program, "the Research of Holy Night" in the History Channel of SkyPerfec TV of the Satellite Broadcasting. The new theory of the Astronomer "Dr. Michael R. Molnar" was introduced there. He found the old coin which made it associate "the Star of Bethlehem" at a certain exhibition. The old coin was made in Syria in 13 A.D. On the side of it, Zeus of the Greek mythology which shows "a king" is drawn. On another side of it, the picture, which the sheep of 12 constellations is flying in the sky and is looking back at the star twinkling in the east, is drawn. An ancient constellation showed a specific area, too, and the Aries showed "the land of the Judea or Israeli area." Since Dr. Molnar found the old coin, he has been researching for "the Star of Bethlehem." Since the Magus, who came from Babylonia area when Jesus was born, were the scholars who used astrology to predict a future, Dr. Molnar thought that the Babylonian astrology had related "the Star of Bethlehem." And he got today's theory that Jesus was born at the time of the eclipse of the Jupiter.

We agree with the theory of Dr. Michael R. Molnar, Astronomer, about the Christmas Star based on "The Coins of Antioch." Following his theory, we also inspected the sky over the east of the birth place with the software of the astronomical simulator. And now we believe very strongly that the true birthday of our Savior, Jesus Christ, was April 17, 6 B.C.

And, in the astrology, the constellation of the person's birthday is the constellation that the sun was located in when he or she was born.  Because the position of the constellations has been actually changed from that time when the astrology was created about 3000 years ago from now by the influence of the annual difference movement which the rotation shaft of the earth changes into, the sun was actually located in the position of the Pisces when Jesus was born in about 2000 years ago.  So then, early Christians began to use "a fish" as the mark which symbolized "Jesus."

(1) Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, Israel around 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 17, 6 B.C. with the influence of the Mercury & Mars on the Taurus, the Sun, Jupiter & Moon on the Aries (Ram), and the Saturn, Venus & Uranus on the Pisces. The Jupiter means Zeus of the Greek Mythology and the King. Also the Aries (Ram) means Israel and a sacrifice. The eclipse of the Jupiter means that Jesus Christ would be killed by the others in the future. In addition, he was the King of the planets on the solar system.  His blood type was AB type.  Since the parents of Jesus carried the albino gene, Jesus had blond hair, pale blue eyes, and white skin.

(2) Baptist Johannes was born in Judea, Israel around 6:00 a.m. on Friday, October 30, 7 B.C. with the influence of the Sun & Neptune on the Scorpion. (The birthday of Baptist Johannes was the third day after October 28, 7 B.C. when the Neptune approached the sun very closely. It was referred that the birthday of the Last Prophet, Claude Vorilhon, who is the reincarnation of Baptist Johannes and whose role was the same as Baptist Johannes, was Monday, September 30, 1946 A.D., the third day before October 2, 1946 A.D. when the Neptune approached the sun very closely.)  Maybe, the blood type of Baptist Johannes was AO type by his profile.  Baptist Johannes might be the descendant of Judea who sold Joseph to Ancient Egypt.

Therefore, we should recognize that Jesus Christ was born on April 17, 6 B.C. And we should celebrate the true birthday of Jesus Christ among all the Christians in the world as soon as possible.

In addition, let's celebrate both the Easter and the true birthday of Jesus Christ (April 17) among all the Christians all over the world every year, too!  Then, let's make "the Christmas," when we had been celebrating as the birthday of Jesus Christ until now, a special day for all the Christians! And let's celebrate it as "a day to confess and confirm the faith to our Creators, Elohim, and our Savior, Jesus Christ from now on.

Reference HP: Eileen Lecture (4): Our Savior "Jesus Christ"

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