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The Millennium Era

The society of the space aliens is the sustainable society, where humans and nature will harmonize well. We must improve global warming and build a sustainable society on the earth as well as the space aliens, too.

The earth is "a closed environmental experiment planet" & "a closed genetic engineering experiment planet" of our Creators (Elohim & the space aliens). And, the space aliens created us, the mankind, with their genetic engineering technology. In addition, they manage the natural environment of the earth, humans' society, and everything of the earth with the super computers in 7-12 underground bases of them in the inside of the magma of the underground earth.  They send us the energy for us to live here, mark and judge our deeds with the super computers, too.

Around 10,000 B.C., the volcanic activity of the earth stabilized well. Around 7,000 B.C., space aliens created native people all around the world. Around 4,500 B.C.-4,000 B.C., they created a man and a woman of the modern humans all around the world.  Around 4,150 B.C., they created Adam & Eve (a man and a woman of the mankind who have their own free will) at the Eden's Garden by the side of Lake Hazar in the Southeastern Anatolia (Turkey).  The Descendants of Adam & Eve built up the ancient civilizations and prospered in the coast of four great rivers; the Amu Darya River, the Nile River, the Tigris River, and the Euphrates River.  Recently, as well as our Creators (Elohim & the space aliens), today's genetic engineering researchers use the latest genetic engineering technology to create new living things such as a hamburger-type starfish, a rabbit with two wings, a cat with two wings, a rabbit with two horns on its head, a dolphin with two stomach fillets, a giant rabbit, a giant cat, a very small monkey, etc.

Claude Vorilhon Rael is the last prophet and the reincarnation of Baptist Johannes.  And Queen of Heaven (Seal of the living God, Maitreya, & Mithra) has been appearing on the earth.  Queen of Heaven is the reincarnation of Mary (the mother of Jesus Christ) and Jesus Christ.  And then, our Creators predicted in Chapter 4 "Worship in Heaven," New Testament "The Revelation," that four political leaders (the four living creatures including a lion, a bull, a human face, and an eagle in flight), and twenty four elders under them will appear to manage the global society in the highly space scientific era & 21st century.  The lion of four living creatures was born in the U. S. A. in 2003.  The bull was born in Europe in 2009.  The eagle in flight was born in Russia in 2011.  The human face was born in China in 2013. Since the 19th century, Virgin Mary has appeared in many parts of the world. However, she is, in fact, not Virgin Mary, but Queen of Heaven.

By the way, "The Harvest Time" will start in 2018, 40 years later from the punishment of the Last Judgment. After the second death of Queen of Heaven, the Harvest is coming sooner! Many people will be sacrificed by various big natural disasters, and the population on the earth will decrease drastically. Would the artificial intelligences kill many humans? Would an asteroid collide to the earth? Would the instantaneous magnetic poleshift occur? We will be hit by the major disaster which mankind has never experienced so far. In a safe place, we should make a shelter in order to stay for one year!   And, so far as we have nuclear weapons in the earth, we could never travel in space & time to the outside of the earth.

Then, around 2050, we will establish the World Unified Nation (The Kingdom of God), whose capital city will be in the U. S. A., in the earth for the New Space Scientific Era, following the support of the Universal Federation! "The Kingdom of God" will be the sustainable society, where humans and nature will harmonize well, and the ideal nation, where the people will be filled with love and hope.  The newborn earthmen in the 21st century will become the leading parts in the New Space Scientific Era.   All the persons will be receiving the favor of the advanced science and technology in the highly advanced scientific civilization.  Owing to the development of the genetic engineering technology, most persons can have the life span of more than 1,000 years.  And they can have a young and healthy body, too. And most persons will get large and good energy, and have more than 200 of intelligence index (IQ). People will have happy daily lives so that they can demonstrate each one's talent in the society to its maximum.

MILLENNIUM ERA is the stage for you to make spiritual progress for a new Millennium human, the ascension, this new space age, the Kingdom of God, this new highly scientific civilization, etc. We hope that you will improve yourself for the ascension and the eternal life step by step in this site of Utopian Network.  Specially, we recommend you the following so that you may survive to "The Millennium Era."

1. To have a prayer to our Creators, Elohim, and our Savior, Jesus Christ, every day.

2. To take the whole body baptism by the water for your regression to recognize Jesus Christ as the Savior.

3. To take the meals in a good balance of the nutrition.

4. To do good behaviors.

5. To act and improve the global warming.

6. To accomplish the symbiosis with you, humans, and the nature in order to build a sustainable society.

7. To study such a sacred book as the Bible, the Book of Mormon, etc.

Let's get the free sample of Kindle book "ARCASA AFTER LARGE HARVEST" written by Eileen Lakes!

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The Last Judgment finished in 1978. And sixteen years have already passed since it became the 21st Century. The earth rushed into Photon belt on November 14 (Wed.), 2012. Actually, the ascension started on the earth. The scientific technology of this millennium era will be the best in all the earth's history of about 4.5 billion years.

"ArCasa" is the Utopia in this millennium era. "ArCasa" is the more highly advanced scientific civilization. In this book, you can get the necessary information to be an Arcasian. It is written about Creation of humans, Bible, Jesus Christ, Four Prophets in today's Apocalypse Era, Last Judgment, Maitreya (Mithra), Four Living Creatures (Lion, Young Bull, Human's Face, and Eagle in Flight), Human's Rule, the society of "ArCasa," and the future of the earth.

Kindle book "ArCasa after Large Harvest" written by Eileen Lakes
Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Flying Time
    1-1. Time Is Coming!
    1-2. Message from Future Persons
            (1) Mysterious small red circle
            (2) Have you ever taken a fantastic message from the future persons?
    1-3. Creation of the Earth
    1-4. Noah's Big Flood (by Holy Bible: New International Version)
    1-5. Ancient Egypt

Chapter 2: Awakening
    2-1. Prophecies
    2-2. Jesus Christ
    2-3. Joseph Smith
    2-4. Four Prophets in the Apocalypse Era
            (a) Prophet: George King
            (b) Prophet: Richard Kieninger
            (c) Prophet: Eduard Albert Meier
            (d) Last Prophet: Claude Vorilhon Rael

Chapter 3: Harvest
    3-1. End of "Last Judgment"
    3-2. Recovery of Belief
    3-3. Prophecies of Nostradamus & Fatima
    3-4. Harvest Times
    3-5. "Water Baptism" (Big Flood)
    3-6. Maitreya (Mithra)
    3-7. Four Living Creatures (Today’s Saviors)
    3-8. Space Aliens & Ecology: All the Earthmen, Be Ecologists!
    3-9. What is the religion naturally?
    3-10. Human Rules
    3-11. Prayer
    3-12. The Large Harvest is coming!

Chapter 4: ArCasa (Kingdom of God)
    4-1. Millennium Era
    4-2. Millennium Human
    4-3. City Rebuilding
    4-4. Central Control Center
    4-5. Administrative District
    4-6. Residential District
    4-7. Food, Clothing & Housing
    4-8. Traffic System
    4-9. Childcare District
    4-10. Agricultural District
    4-11. Fishery District
    4-12. Forestry District
    4-13. Mining District
    4-14. Industrial District

Chapter 5: Start on a New Journey
    5-1. 2,000 Years Later from the Founding of ArCasa
    5-2. Good-bye, Our Earth, Forever! (Leaving the Solar System)

Reference Materials

The people whom were given the right of the long life span to live more than 2000 years and who still keep living now

A long time ago, though Jesus and his mother, Mary, were dead and were buried to the grave, they revived on the third day after death by a scientific method. They were pulled up into the beam ship (small spaceship) which floated in the air.  After that, Jesus and his mother, Mary, have been living in one of the underground bases, which our Creators built in the magma in the earth in order to manage Christians and guide them.  As Jesus' mother, Mary was the reincarnation of Adam, the first man, and Jesus was the reincarnation of Abel, Adam's second son, they were added the genetic operation to become a Millennium Human with a long life span over 2,000 years.

In addition, as Judas, called Iscariot, was the reincarnation of Cain, Adam's first son, he was dead and was buried to the grave, but he revived on the third day after death by a scientific method. Moreover, he was added the genetic operation to become a vampire with a long life span over 2,000 years.  He has been living on the earth.

Mark 9:1, New Testament of the Bible
And he went on to say, "I tell you, there are some here who will not die until they have seen the Kingdom of God come with power."

After Jesus revived and finished his mission activity in Israel, he was pulled up into the beam ship (small spaceship), which floated in the air, to go to the American continent. He visited the Nephites (today's Iroquois in Haudenosaunee), who migrated from ancient Israel to the ancient American continent. As three apprentices of 12 ones, whom Jesus chose among the Nephites, were the reincarnation of Seth (Adam's third son), Adam's fourth son, and Adam's fifth son, they were pulled up into the beam ship (small spaceship) of our Creators (Elohim), which floated in the air. And they were added the genetic operation to become a Millennium Human with a long life span over 2,000 years as like St. Mary and Jesus Christ. They are called three Angels in the American continent and have been living on the earth.

Chapter 28, "3 Nephi," the Book of Mormon
The Three Nephites desire and are given power over death so as to remain on the earth until Jesus comes again - They are translated and see things not lawful to utter, and they are now ministering among men.

What is the Ascension?

The following three methods can be for Ascension to "the Kingdom of God" and “the New Space Highly Scientific Civilization."

1. After you finish the present life of this world, you will have a new body to be reborn in "the Kingdom of God" and “the New Space Highly Scientific Civilization."

2. In the short time until you accomplish about the average life span 80 years old in the present highest life span 120 years, you will enjoy the latest cultural level with the present body of this world in "the Kingdom of God" and "the New Space Highly Scientific Civilization."

3. You will be taken the blood vessel injection of the DNA (gene) change so that you can have a long life span more than 1000 years with the present body of this world, and you will enjoy the latest cultural level in a long time of 1000 years in "the Kingdom of God" and "the New Space Highly Scientific Civilization."

Our Enlightenment Campaign:

  1. Symbiosis with the human being and the earth: Let's love and take good care of other species and the nature.  Let's promote the tree-planting campaign at home to reduce the quantities of CO2!  Let's improve global warming, and build a sustainable society!

  2. The age when mankind manages mankind's own DNA: Let's recommend the prevention from sex infection disease to other people and recommend the treatment for the sterility through the process of the DNA counseling, the external fertilization, the genetic diagnosis of a fertilized egg, the transplant of the normal fertilized egg to the womb, and the childbirth to the married couple with the possibility that a child will be born with the DNA congenital defect.

  3. Let's have the eyes and mind to think anything scientifically! Be careful to know a UFO from an airplane, a helicopter, an airship, a big balloon, a bird, a cloud, an artificial satellite, an international space station, a star, a comet, a meteor, a balloon, a soap bubble, a night light, a large luxurious passenger boat, a ferryboat, a ferry, a large ship, a fishing boat, an insect with fluorescence (in such cases as the firefly and the moth), and so on!

  4. Let's take righteous behavior for the eternal life! A human being repeats a transmigration of the soul, changes the body, and grows up!

  5. Let's celebrate the day of April 17 as the actual birthday of Jesus Christ, too!

  6. Let's abandon the mass destruction weapons such as the nuclear weapons, biological weapons, chemical weapons, etc. completely on the earth!

We, Utopian Network, are opposed to the legalization of same-sex marriage, drugs, and prostitution.

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