Eileen Lakes

Ms. Eileen Lakes is a Utopian, Spiritual Messenger, and Japanese. She was born in the city, Hirosaki-shi, Aomori-prefecture, Japan. The symbol of Hirosaki-city is a swastika (The meaning is the transmigration and reincarnation) and which is located in N. Lat. 40.5 degrees. Her true birthday was December 27 (Fri.), 1957 (the sexagenary cycle was the Bird Year) and her patron saint is Saint John, who is Turkish patron saint and wrote "The Gospel of John" and "The Revelation to John" in the New Testament, Bible.  But she was entered her name as Akiko Nakagawa () in the family register on January 2 (Thurs.), 1958 (the sexagenary cycle was the Dog Year) because her uncle, who lived with her family, was born on January 2 in the Dog Year.  The shrine of Shinmeigu () is near the parents' home, too.  Her blood type is AB-Positive.

She has been interested in UFO and aliens very much for a long time since she was a child. She also used to go to church with her friend when she was a child. She believed in God and Jesus Christ in her childhood. But she couldn't believe the God's Creation and the resurrection of Jesus Christ at all after she learned the Darwin's Evolutionism and a little science at school. And she was a complete atheist in her high school ages. But, at that time, she was still interested in UFO and aliens very much and she used to read the magazines and books on UFO and aliens.

In the summer of 1977, she read the serial stories about the UFO contact case of Mr. Claude Vorilhon "Rael" in the bi-monthly Magazine "The Cosmo." The serial stories were picked up from the story of the book "The Message Given To Me by Extra-Terrestrials," written by Mr. Claude Vorilhon "Rael," "The Last Prophet." She was strongly shocked and was deeply impressed by reading it. At the moment, she could believe that our Creators (Gods) were space aliens and they created us, the mankind, and other living things scientifically. When she was 20 years old in November 1978, she experienced the Last Judgment in Tokyo, Japan.

In December 1980, she organized the Japanese Raelian Movement with Mr. Nagai and Mr. S. at first.  But she seceded of The Raelian Movement because her opinion was different from that of Mr. Claude Vorilhon "Rael" about "Free Sex" and "Last Judgment." Afterwards, she came to receive personal revelation from our creators since she began to pray to our Creators, "Elohim" very well every day.  She had joined Religion "True Light" and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, too.  On April 27 (Wed.), 1988, she took the Water Baptism so that her whole body could be covered with water and clean all her sin, too, when she was 30 years old.  In the spring of 1992, she was given the name "Eileen" by our Creators, "Elohim."  (The name of "Eileen" means "Light" and "The Sun.")  And she has been engaging in missionary work to all over the world from Japan under the family name of "Lakes," which came from the Great Lakes in the U. S. A. and the Dragon God, one of her Guardians. Once upon a time, Nephi people were the very faithful Christians and had been around the Great Lakes in the United States, too.  Then she newly founded Survival Group "Utopia" on July 30, 1992.  And, she began to guide other people what to do for the new, highly advanced scientific civilization "The Kingdom of God" which would be made after "The Water Baptism" (the big flood) in the harvest time so that the people as many as possible would be reborn and survive there.

Since 1995, we have been having a monthly meeting to talk about UFO & Aliens and to improve ourselves. Now, we have only a few members but over ten persons always attend to our monthly meeting. And we sometimes have a UFO Symposium, too.

In 1996, we opened "Eileen's Homepage" and "Eileen Net" to tell our messages, mission, and make friends in Internet. "Eileen's Homepage" has "Eileen's Lecture Series" to help your spiritual progress. In addition, in 1997, "Grand Cross Series" were opened in "Eileen's Homepage" so that you could prepare to evacuate from "The Water Baptism" (the big flood), which would be occurred by Pole Shift in "The Grand Cross," the arrangement of the planets in the solar system in July, 1999. Though the Pole Shift was not occurred by "The Grand Cross," the arrangement of the planets in the solar system in July, 1999, we told you to prepare to evacuate from "The Water Baptism" (the big flood), which might be occurred by the ARTIFICIAL Pole Shift.

In April 1997, the book "Arion's Utopia from Future," written by Eileen Lakes, was published by Tama Publishing Company in Japan. And in December 1997, the copybook "Pass-Ticket for the Future," written by Eileen Lakes, was issued by our group, too. And then, in April 1998, the English copybook "The Future Pass," which was combined those two Japanese books and was written by Eileen Lakes, was issued by our group so that we could spread the message to all over the world.

And then, on February 3, 1998 (Tuesday), the group name of Survival Group "Utopia" was changed into "Utopian Network" so that we can make more friends easily in Internet mainly. We are still acting to tell our messages to you so that you can contact space aliens from other planets in the universe, make a spiritual progress, and live in "The Kingdom of God," the new highly scientific civilization.

Furthermore, we opened the new site of "The Millennium Era" in the Internet in January 2000 in order to mission as the theme of "The Coexistence of Humans & the Earth" and make efforts to grow new Millennium humans suitable to the coming new space age "Millennium Era."

In addition, since 2015, we have been conducting educational activities so that the people as many as possible can overcome this coming large harvest, achieve the Ascension, and become new Millennium humans.

Recently, Ms. Eileen Lakes found that she is a descendent of the daughter between Juan Fernandez de Oviedo (Jesuit Missionary and Father) and Chujohime (Mother).  Chujohime was a daughter between Sadako Madenokoji (Mother) and King Yoshitaka Ohuchi (Father) who was a descendent of Rinshotaishi (He looked like the same person as Emperor Kinmei.) from "Kudara Country" in the Korean Peninsula old times. Since she has the very faithful Christian ancestors and is inherited the DNA from Korean King's family, our Creators, Elohim, gave her the name, "Eileen" and the role as a messenger from them.  The Kudara Dynasty were descendants of "Chumon," who founded the country "Kokuri" in 37 B.C., "Hol," whom our Creators gave the eternal glory and who was the symbol of "faith to the sun" with the name which had the meaning of "the sun of the horizon, glory, light, sacredness, God and the hawk," Aram, Shem, Noah, and Adam in "The Old Testament of the Bible."  Ms. Eileen Lakes succeeded to the name of "Hol" as well as a successor of "Hol," whom our Creators gave "the eternal glory," and changed her name with "Hol-Eileen Lakes" on March 23 (Sun), 2008.

Well, the main contents of the activity of our association are the followings:

1. Study and our own reformation to overcome this coming large harvest and to contact other space aliens.
2. Study of the bible, the Book of Mormon, etc.
3. Monthly "UFO Meeting" (off)
4. Issue of monthly newsletter "The Millennium News" & season's international newsletter "The International Millennium Newsletter" (off)
5. Mission by "Homepage of Utopian Network" in Internet

Update Information
1. We changed our Homepage Site better.
2. We have made new YouTube videos so that you can understand the messages from our Creators much better.  

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