Utopian Network

On February 3, 1998 (Tuesday), Ms. Eileen Lakes founded "Utopian Network."  We have been acting so that we can maintain the fixed number of humans, other living things, and the nature to live together in the sustainable society.  And we will help you, the public people, to make a spiritual progress (ascension) for the new kind of humans, "Millennium Humans" in "The Kingdom of God," the new highly scientific civilization.

Our Main Activities:

  1. Study & Self-Enlightenment to overcome this coming large harvest and to contact other space aliens.
  2. Study of the bible, the Book of Mormon, etc.
  3. Study to build a sustainable society
  4. Enlightenment Campaign
  5. Mission by "Homepage of Utopian Network" in Internet

Our Enlightenment Campaign:

  1. Symbiosis with the human being and the earth: Let's love and take good care of other species and the nature.  Let's promote the tree-planting campaign at home to reduce the quantities of CO2!  Let's improve global warming, and build a sustainable society!

  2. The age when mankind manages mankind's own DNA: Let's recommend the prevention from sex infection disease to other people and recommend the treatment for the sterility through the process of the DNA counseling, the external fertilization, the genetic diagnosis of a fertilized egg, the transplant of the normal fertilized egg to the womb, and the childbirth to the married couple with the possibility that a child will be born with the DNA congenital defect.

  3. Let's have the eyes and mind to think anything scientifically! Be careful to know a UFO from an airplane, a helicopter, an airship, a big balloon, a bird, a cloud, an artificial satellite, an international space station, a star, a comet, a meteor, a balloon, a soap bubble, a night light, a large luxurious passenger boat, a ferryboat, a ferry, a large ship, a fishing boat, an insect with fluorescence (in such cases as the firefly and the moth), and so on!

  4. Let's take righteous behavior for the eternal life! A human being repeats a transmigration of the soul, changes the body, and grows up!

  5. Let's celebrate the day of April 17 as the actual birthday of Jesus Christ, too!

  6. Let's abandon the mass destruction weapons such as the nuclear weapons, biological weapons, chemical weapons, etc. completely on the earth!

  1. Let's overcome this coming large harvest and contact Space Aliens!
  2. Let's be a Millennium Human!
  3. Let's support the four living creatures!
  4. Space Aliens created us scientifically.
  5. Pray to our Creators with gratitude and respect.
  6. Do good things for "The Eternal Life."
  7. Do good things for neighbors.
  8. Take enough exercises and have meals balanced nutritiously.

We, Utopian Network, believe the followings:
1. Our Creators are the space aliens, Elohim from Planet Nibiru.
2. Our Savior Jesus Christ was crucified, dead, and buried. And he was resurrected to revive on the third day.
3. Our savior Jesus Christ got the flesh again to be reincarnated into the Queen of the Heaven and born into this world.
4. The Queen of the Heaven will help the Four Living Creatures to make the Kingdom of Heaven.
5. The reincarnation and eternal life.

We, Utopian Network, are opposed to the legalization of same-sex marriage, drugs, and prostitution.

Update Information
1. We changed our Homepage Site better.
2. We have made new YouTube videos so that you can understand the messages from our Creators much better.  

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