(0)The Creation of the Earth (1)

(0)The Creation of the Earth (2)

(1)What is the Religion Naturally?

(2)Maitreya (Mithra) 

(3)Space Travel & Time Travel

(4)Our Savior, Jesus Christ


(6)Arts in Daily Life

(7)Right Nutritious Meals and Our Health

(8)The Spiritual Evolution for the Eternal Life

(9)The Kingdom of God

(10)The Future of the Earth



Why are we here? For what do we live? Aliens created us! We are marked and judged by their computers. Stop the stupid wars and fights all over the world! Enjoy our lives peacefully until the Water Baptism.

In Water Baptism, everyone will be classified by our Creators and only 144,000 first best people selected by our Creators can be saved to survive. Also the second best people will be born again with a complete body and characteristics in the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God would be a higher scientific, intellectual, beautiful, and happy civilization.

Let's prepare to live in the Kingdom of God!
Let's pray to our Creators with love and gratitude every day!
Let's have faith for our Creators, neighborly love, and hope for our future in our minds!
Let's do good things for the eternal life!

The Principle of the Artificial Telepathy Communication

The Brain becomes the existence like a miniature radio which each neutrino, bringing intellectual information, sends and receives energy. When neutrino passes from one brain to another brain, telepathy can be occurred. ("The Roots of Coincidence" by Arthur Kessler) And the artificial telepathy is to own jointly to each other connecting together between the memories of human's brain and another one with neutrino.

A long time ago, one group of the spacemen called "Elohim" (plural form of Eloha, which means "a man from the sky") visited the earth. "The Creators" (the gods) of all kinds of religions are Elohim.  Then, the earth is "The Closed Environmental Experiment Planet" of Elohim, the space aliens.  At first, they built seven bases in the magma of the underground of the earth and put enormous and excellent computers there. (Now there are about 12 bases.) The surface of the earth was covered with best energy by computers. And then water was created to cover it. Elohim made one continent and put all information programs on the lives and plants in the earth into computers. They created everything in the earth with biochemical engineering technology in the laboratory and have been controlling the lives and plants in the earth by artificial telepathy. They have been making them evolve and have been creating the main history of the earth completely, following their scenario and traveling to the future earth by space travel. All the prophecies in the Bible have been coming true. They created mankind, who had his own thought, with biochemical engineering technology in the laboratory, too. Mankind moves by big computers, which are the application of artificial telepathy, using Neutrino as a power source. Elohim operate computers equipped with artificial brains to manage mankind, mark and judge his behaviors during his lifetime, classify the bad and the good, and the bad are treated suitably for their behaviors after death. After death, each person's information of our lives is automatically sent to computers in the world where each of us should be born again with a new body. There are about 8 level-worlds including the destruction (Hell) which means that people can never be born again. The science technology, civilized level, and life span are very different among the worlds.

The Level of the Civilizations ( Spiritual Level)


Life Span


Body Energy

Civilized Level &
Science Technology Level

Eternal Life
(Level 7)

over 100,000


best & big

highest (creating lives)

Level 6



best & big

highest (creating lives)
reduce and magnify things

Level 5



best & big

higher (being guardian spirits)
control the time

Level 4


usually none
rarely mental ones

best & big

higher (space travel)
Kingdom of God,

Level 3

70 - 100

physical & mental ones

various kinds of

Present earth society after
World War II

Level 2




Middle & Early Modern World

Level 1




Primitive Society







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