(0)The Creation of the Earth (1)

(0)The Creation of the Earth (2)

(1)What is the Religion Naturally?

(2)Maitreya (Mithra) 

(3)Space Travel & Time Travel

(4)Our Savior, Jesus Christ


(6)Arts in Daily Life

(7)Right Nutritious Meals and Our Health

(8)The Spiritual Evolution for the Eternal Life

(9)The Kingdom of God

(10)The Future of the Earth




The story of the earth has been evolving better. Around 10,000 B.C., the volcanic activity of the earth stabilized well. Around 7,000 B.C., space aliens created a man and a woman of native people all around the world. Around 6,000 B.C., Pleiadians created a man and a woman of Lemurians (Europeans), who had the albino gene and were the ancestors of the Northern European white races, by the side of Lake Tomasee, where the origin of Rhine River springs, in the Swiss Alps, Switzerland.  Pleiadians created the giant group, the super-ability human being group, the dwarf group, the half-beast half-person group, the wolf human being group, the fairy group, the ogre group, the mermaid group, and the half-fishing person group, too.  Around 4,500 B.C., Lemurians created Lemurian Civilization (Kurgan Culture) in Western Europe of the Ural Mountains.  Around 4,350 B.C., other space aliens created a man and a woman of Atlanteans, who were the ancestors of Inca, Maya, Aztec, etc., and Atlantic Civilization (The theory of Atlantis in the Southern America by Mr. Jim A. Allen) by the side of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, the Southern America.  And around 4,150 B.C., our Creators, Elohim, created a man and a woman of the mankind (Adam & Eve), who had their own will and were ancestors of Armenians, Egyptians, the Jews, and Arabians, at the Eden's Garden by the side of Lake Hazar, where the origin of Tigris River springs, in the Southeastern Anatolia (Turkey).

Around 3,200 B.C., Atlantic Civilization was destroyed by the Water Baptism (Noah's big flood) and the earth was covered with water to be cleaned again.  (About 3,200 B.C. of the Ancient Atlantis Era, "the Noah's big flood" happened but we cannot know whether it was occurred by the pole shift (an extreme movement) of the earth or not.  Because of the description of "Noah's flood" on "the Genesis of the Old Testament" that the rain fell on the earth for forty days and nights, we can think that an asteroid collided on the earth, a heavy rain fell continuously for forty days and nights, and a large flood appeared.)  On the basis of the new scenario of the earth story, they made the real future earth story very exactly. They traveled in the space by big spaceship and moved enormous distance at the moment by teleportation (warp) to make the larger time difference and to travel in the space for about some thousand years from the far past to the future of the earth. And then, they remote-controlled the earth history strongly by the enormous computers in the underground bases of the earth so that the new scenario of the earth (our Bible) could come true very exactly. After they made the new earth story completely in the future of the earth, they sent all the new information about the future of the earth to the computers of the big spaceship to save. And then, they traveled in the space back again from the future to the past of the earth in order to send all the data, which was saved in the computers of the big spaceship, into the computers of the underground bases.

After that, they gave that valuable information on the earth story of the future to the prophets and many earnest Christians as visions, predictions, and prophecies about the future of the earth.

Jesus Christ was born as the Savior on the earth to save the people from their sin and was killed on the cross. And three days later, he was completely fixed with the best energy from a computer and revived. He is still alive and observes Christians to manage them and to give his message for faithful Christians by artificial telepathy with computers in one of the underground bases.

The first atomic bomb was thrown down into Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 as the Fire Baptism. Then, science technology has been developing very rapidly. Around 1975, "A Psionic Artificial Intelligence Duplicating Human Mental Processes, Bioengineered Vegetal (Brain) Biocomputer" was invented by the Columbia University, and its information was spread to the main development countries, England, France, German, Japan, and etc. In October 1978, the trouble occurred by low frequencies through the artificial telepathy of Soliton Technology in China. One of bad Japanese men made the bad accident. And then, the earthmen were judged to be disqualified from Elohim's selecting men by "The Last Judgment" on November 1, 1978, in Hallowmas. The worse Neutrino was sent to everyone and later, our brains were burnt and we excreted all the old wastes of gastrointestinal, while most of us could not sleep at all for more than one week. After that, most of us lost our own inward words and cannot think with our own voices in mind. Also, in those days, some earls, Messrs. Trench and Crankarti talked about the trouble by the random information of the spiritual communication through the artificial telepathy at the Parliament in England earlier than in any other countries.

All the prophecies in the Bible have been coming true!!

In the future, 144,000 first best people selected by our Creators will build "the Kingdom of God" of a New Jerusalem and an ideal society in the same place as the American continent. They will have a complete body, which have a longer life, more than 1,000 years, and complete health without illness. And they will be happier in the higher scientific civilization for more than 1,000 years. Also the second best people who have the right of the first and second raising from the dead will become a new human with a complete body and characteristics in the Kingdom of God.

Our creators, Elohim, told us the standards of bad things and good ones as "Ten Commandments." "Ten Commandments" are following:

  1. Don't worship any other man without only Our Creators!
  2. Don't make a carved stature for yourself!
  3. Don't say the names of Our Creators without good reason!
  4. Remember the Sabbath day and make it sacred!
  5. Respect your parents!
  6. Don't kill a man!
  7. Don't fornicate!
  8. Don't steal things!
  9. Don't tell a lie about your neighbors!
10. Don't covet of the houses of your neighbors!

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