(0)The Creation of the Earth (1)

(0)The Creation of the Earth (2)

(1)What is the Religion Naturally?

(2)Maitreya (Mithra) 

(3)Space Travel & Time Travel

(4)Our Savior, Jesus Christ


(6)Arts in Daily Life

(7)Right Nutritious Meals and Our Health

(8)The Spiritual Evolution for the Eternal Life

(9)The Kingdom of God

(10)The Future of the Earth



The religion is naturally the movement so that our creators, Aliens' group, Elohim who scientifically created the mankind in the earth, can teach the standard of their ideal right human and their existence to the people by the prophets selected by them.

Our creators have been selecting one prophet from each area of the entire world and teaching their thoughts so that the people can understand our creators better. Therefore, even if the kinds of the religions are different, their aim is the same as "The Kingdom of God (Heaven)" and "The Eternal Life." Three most important thoughts of our creators are following:

1. To have sincere faith for our creators and follow their standard rules, project, teachings and advice.
2. To have true love for ourselves, our families, and neighbors (other people).
3. To have good hope for the future and make efforts to make hope come true so that our society will become happier and more peaceful.

And then, in order to build happier and more peaceful world, we should also do the followings:

1. To have a balanced nutritious meal.
2. To take enough exercises every day to keep us healthful.
3. To positively think everything and speak brightly and politely with bright and beautiful words.
4. To do good behaviors in order to get a good result.
5. To use our talents so that our society can be better and happier.

We are now having "a trial life" in the earth to get the final aim of "the eternal life." Our deeds during our present trial lifetime have been being marked by the computers of our creators on the basis of the decided standard, i.e. "How much we are contributing so that our society can be happier, more cheerful, and more peaceful," and "Whether we are doing good behaviors following the teachings of our creators or not."

After our death, it will be decided by the scores of our whole lifetime, to which level of the civilizations we should be born again.

If you want to be born again to the higher and more scientific civilization which you can live longer, more than 1,000 years, get more advanced science technology knowledge, and travel the universe freely, you must do good behaviors following the teachings of our creators.

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