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(1)What is the Religion Naturally?

(2)Maitreya (Mithra) 

(3)Space Travel & Time Travel

(4)Our Savior, Jesus Christ


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  1. Space Travel & Time Travel
  2. First Public Time Travel of people in the future of the earth
    [December 2036: The Space Travel Age will start in the earth!]
  3. The person who changes the history of the planet by force is erased!
  4. By COMPUTER NETWORK, let's go to fly into the outer space!!!
  5. Space Network by Neutrino communication among the Planets in the Universe
  6. Space & Time Area!!
  7. The same persons with the same body at the same space & time

PD Space Travel & Time Travel

Only possibility of the time travel by using the space but not by using the parallel world.

As for the time travel, if the space of a huge long distance is moved at faster speed than the speed of light momentarily (warp), we can travel in time as NASA and Semjase are describing about the time travel. But we can travel in time in the same space only by using the computers in spaceships or underground bases of the earth. Once we decompose the material into atoms by the computer, we preserve the material's data in it. We can reproduce the material with the material's data after we travel to the future or past time with them. So then, it is a doubt whether this can be called time travel or not.

Well, the parallel world does not exist actually and clearly though many people believe in the existence of the parallel world (going side by side world). No matter where you look for this universe, there will only be three dimensional space. Just before humans decide things, there are many options, but there is only one thing to choose and execute. That is, a past event does not change because only one decision is chosen. So then, only one past event exists.

Moreover, because the event in the future also backwards selects only one when it is necessary to choose that, the event in the future also has only one. Only the past and future worlds, which are fixed, exist there if we traveled around a huge space by warp sailing to the earth of the past and the future.

If we tried to correct the history, we would need serious science technology, labor, and the knowledge of the environmental engineering and give serious influence into the civilizations of other planets. Therefore, in general, we cannot change the planet history at all. For instance, let's assume that the inhabitants in two planets of far planet A and B travel in space to each age of the earth around the long distance space by warping and using the mother spaceship.

Earth                                                          A                  B
  Far from hundred million light-years away                     A1500 Year          B2500 Year

(1) 1000 BC          (2) 500 BC          (3) 1 AD
(4) 1500 AD          (5) 1000 AD         (6) 1500 AD
(7) 1900 AD          (8) 1950 AD         (9) 2000 AD
(10) 2050 AD 

Time Travel of the inhabitant in planet A to the earth

a) First of all, "A" travels to the earth year (1).
b) "A" travels to the earth year (7).
c) "A" travels to the earth year (8) and (9).
d) "A" returns to the earth year (7).

The world history has not changed at all the time of the earth year (7) is.

Time Travel of the inhabitant in planet B to the earth

a) First of all, "B" travels to the earth year (3).
b) "B" travels to the earth year (8).
c) "B" travels to the earth year (6) and (10).
d) "B" returns to the earth year (8).
The world history has not changed at all the time of at earth year (8) is.

The society at the various times of Earth Year is not changed though there is a difference considerably at the Year of each planet where the inhabitant in planet A and the inhabitant in planet B traveled to the earth. That is, the history of the earth at each Year is quite the same as former even if "A" & "B" travel to anytime of the earth. The parallel world is only a product in the imagination and it is actually understood not to exist so in this space. In similar existence to the parallel world, there is a spiritual world. This is only in the virtual world produced in each one's head though there are persons who say that they have been to the spiritual world by the dying experience or they saw the ghost. It is only because of the illusion three-dimensionally assembled with the computer of each one's head. While the object seen because of the illusion does not actually exist, the spiritual world does not actually exist either.

s Additional Matter t 
Principle of Time Travel by using the outer space

San Francisco                                Tokyo 
                  Ship  16 days 

San Francisco        Tokyo 
     Airplane  9 hours 

SF     Tokyo 
Teleportation  a few minutes

Making momentarily the teleportation of the long distance can save time and it is possible to arrive at the destination usually earlier.

The space                                  Earth 

The space        Earth 

Huger time can be saved when a very big distance of space is teleported and it is possible to arrive at the destination earlier. A man arrives earlier about several thousand years because the time, which can be saved according to the size of the teleported distance, is different and it is possible to arrive late. It is possible to travel to the past and the future every several thousand years for that.

QDFirst Public Time Travel of people in the future of the earth
[December 2036: The Space Travel Age will start in the earth!]

December 2036 in the future of the earth: a part of the future men, who survived from "the Water Baptism" (the big flood) in the harvest time, will leave for the travel in space & time with seven elders of our creators including Yahweh by the earthly mother spaceship in public for the first time.

The Millennium Earthly Team, who will have the Russian Captain as the first captain of the earthly mother spaceship, will visit the planets in this solar system by space travel. And then, in public, they will visit the past earth, to the year of 1986 from the year of 2036 in the future, by travel in space & time for the first time, too. Around 7:00 p.m. (Japanese Time) or 10:00 a.m. (Greenwich World Standard Time) on December 22, 1986 (the winter solstice day), they sent their telepathy messages with images to their families.

This event was confirmed with a large-scale computer in main air force bases in all parts of the world such as French Air Forces, NASA and NORADO in the United States, and Star City in Russia and was a Top Secret (super-strictly confidential matter) in the world. After that event, the time travel with long distance teleportation in the space travel came to be taken up in the science field and the movies of the S. F. field. 

On December 2036 in the future of the earth, the Space Travel Age will start exactly. And we will join the Planets' Union in this solar system to enjoy the new highly space scientific civilization.

RDThe person who changes the history of the planet by force is erased!

I wonder whether you know the future persons have been traveling through the space and time travel, which uses the spaceship for a present age and the past earth. Many people perhaps cannot believe and understand it at all. However, the development of the science technology will surely enable this in the future of the earth.

Only a few persons could understand the principle of gTime Travel" neatly well so that the future persons can be sending the telepathy messages to the understanding persons at the present age who related to them. Because, only the persons confuse even if telepathy is sent to the person who does not understand the time travel and there is no sent effect at all.

Backwards, to build the history in the future of tomorrow, necessary update information is given to the understanding persons.

Well, only one decided history exists respectively in the history of the earth and each of other planets. Only the same history can be seen even if various space aliens who live in planets of the space, which exists at various positions, travel in space and they go to the same planet, which is their destination. If the person tried to change a little of the planet history, he would struggle, suffer, scream, decompose the atoms of his body, and disappear momentarily. The reason for this is that the computer, which automatically controls man, is monitoring him, and he is punished automatically.

In general, the opposite is very difficult though the travel in space from the future to the past can be facilitated. Permission does not descend easily to the meeting of the future person with a past person of the same planet directly.

SD By COMPUTER NETWORK, let's go to fly into the outer space!!!

Recently, it is said that the consciousness exists in the earth and space (for instance, Gaia of the earth consciousness, the space consciousness, etc.) in the field where the soul world is treated.

However, they do not exist at all. All scientific this world is!!

In the constant interval space, in magma in underground of the earth and in the magma in the underground of the inside in the fixed stars and the planets, big computer bases exist and are connected by the networks. The earth, each planet, each solar system, and each universe are controlled and managed by a lot of computer bases.

Today, we use the Internet in the world. We can momentarily send the file made in Japan to a region far away like the United States and Brazil, etc. The computer network in space is used as much as it. Owing to the network system of these computers, the stuff such as spaceships decomposes in the atom, is converted into "Neutrino," is saved as one file in a computer, is transmitted to a computer far away and is made to the material again. It is possible to move momentarily of a very long and huge distance by teleportation and warp, etc., for example, from the earth to outskirts of the space far apart. It looks like high-speed transmission of the file between computers of the network in today's society.

In addition, it is necessary to go to the Tibet sky when we travel in space outside our solar system from the earth because the computer base of an underground base of Elohim in the magma in the underground of the mountain range in Tibet is used. Then, one computer network, which exists in space, is used. If a person does not follow the rule of the Universal Federation very well and does not take a correct action, the network use will not be permitted. So then, we must follow the rule to jump momentarily from the earth to outskirts to space. If we cannot use the space network, we can never travel outside our solar system.

Moreover, those computers directly send information to man's brain, which the certain constant necessary and sufficient condition is filled.

Therefore, we wonder if the spaceship, which can fly faster than light speed and can explode the Einstein's theory of relativity, exists in this space at present.

5. Space Network by Neutrino communication among the Planets in the Universe

In the movie film, "Contact," the electric wave was taken as a topic to be used in the communication in the Universe. But, in the new space age, it is only old-fashioned. Actually, it is very obvious that Neutrino Communication is used in the Universe!

The Space Network among the planets in the universe means that the large computers, which exist in the underground bases inside of the magma of the planets all over the universe, are connected by Neutrino Communication with Neutrino just like today's earth internet and light (infrared rays) communication. They make a network among those computers together, and can use data and software programs together. We would be able to travel in space by utilizing this space network among the planets in the universe.

6DSpace & Time Area!!

There was a chance to speak with other person about the space and time travel on the telephone the other day.

The opponent on the telephone asked suddenly, "What is the time actually?" I couldn't answer it well to him. The opponent said, "I think that it is 'Change'." I thought that it made a sense. When I examined in the Japanese Dictionary of Sanseido, it was written as follows:


The time will change infinitely during the past, the present, and the future. It is used as a unit by which a unit by which time is counted counts time. One hour is 1/24 a day and 60 times as one minute.


Stage is where concrete action (change) is done against "Place". Time means change from the past to the present or from the present to the future. The time of one day was divided into day and night. 24 divide now.

However, I was surprised at a clearest explanation "One of stages where a concrete action (change) is done" is "Time."

Moreover, "Past", "Present", and "Future" are connected like one line. "Future" and "Past" are connected, too. I told on the telephone that it would be said that these three matters would draw the circle. The opponent asked again, "How does the outside this circle become?" I answered that question, "Something might exist." However, it might be something which man does not understand. It is existence of "Time" man does not understand as long as time even passes away infinitely to where. We cannot prove and it is not possible to know "Time draws the circle."

I hear that some space aliens, whose societies develop on science and technology more highly than that of the earth, can control "Time". But I wonder whether it is only a range of limited "Time". We can travel in time and space, only in the range where the computer network is connected among the computers in the underground bases of stars and planets. We can travel in time to outskirts of far space and the far past and the future in limited "Area of the Space and Time." Moreover, if it is a range connected in the network, we can communicate as like the television telephone and Skype of the Internet between computers with Artificial Telepathy in an area of the region and time far away. But we cannot travel in time to unlimited, far "Past". Some stars and spaces existed in old times and have already died out. And then there is a region where the computer network does not exist either.

This space is born, dies out, and humans migrate to other space. We can travel in time in the past and the future, in "Time Area" within the constant range infinitely.

"Past" far from infinity is barren, when only the decided history exists and it has already passed away. On the contrary, "Future" is more attractive, unknown, hopeful, when a new story can be created and the history will be decided. Therefore, humans might live to desire the attractive "Future" better than the barren "Past." The desire of "Future" gives us, humans, the dream, hope, and the work desire so that we can live more happily. It would be said, "Man's Fate". It can be said that human is living in now to create the future world in limited space and time.

7DThe same persons with the same body at the same space & time

Can two, three, four, or five same persons with the same body exist at the same space and time?

The answer is, of course, it is possible, if we can travel in space and time freely. You, a human, can come to the present time from both the past and the future by the space travel. And all your bodies can exist at the same space and time. But each personality of your bodies is a little different. Because each of your bodies comes from the different original home time zone and all you are the same person but each of your knowledge and experience is very different by the different original home time zone.

In the neighborhood of our present earth, many space travelers come and sometimes all several same persons exist at the same space and time. Though many space travelers come to the moon base where many spacemen drops, in the case of several same persons, only one of them can be permitted to stay there. The others of them must keep staying in the spaceship which each of them rides in. If all the same persons exist at the same space and time, the right person might be sometimes and mentally embarrassed with the other same bodies.

If it came true to travel in space, we might experience the same precious incident as the above.

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