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(1)What is the Religion Naturally?

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(4)Our Savior, Jesus Christ


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(8)The Spiritual Evolution for the Eternal Life

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Everyone would have known the name of "Jesus Christ."

Jesus Christ is our Savior of the mankind in the earth and our Redeemer, who was born on the earth, in order to redeem all our sin of the mankind in the earth as the project of our creators "Elohim." We will be forgiven our sin by our creators, if we recognize Jesus Christ as our Savior, have stronger faith to our creators "Elohim," pray to them and Jesus Christ every day, do right action following to the Commandments, and have a faithful life. And then, we can evolve spiritually for gEternal Life".

Jesus' birth was talked about by a lot of prophets. Jesus was born around 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 17, 6 B.C. with the influence of the Mercury & Mars on the Taurus, the Sun, Jupiter & Moon on the Aries (Ram), and the Saturn, Venus & Uranus on the Pisces after six months by the lunar calendar since Baptist Johannes was born.   The blood type of Jesus was AB.  Since the parents of Jesus carried the albino gene, Jesus had blond hair, pale blue eyes, and white skin.  (We agree with the theory of Dr. Michael R. Molnar, Astronomer, about the Christmas Star on the book "The Coins of Antioch," Sky & Telescope, January, 1992, pp. 37-39.)  That is, Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea as "Person who brings the light to the earth and brings the love, happiness, and hope to the people" just like Isaiah's prophecy.  Jesus' mother was Mary of a pure, taintless 15-year-old girl and Jesus' father was Joseph of a faithful 35-year-old man whom our creators "Elohim" had chosen. They got married in 8 B.C. They lived together to have the normal married couple life and have physical sexual intercourses in 7 B.C. Then Mary got pregnant around July 10, 7 B.C. Because it is very natural that Jesus' father was Joseph and it is following the will of our Creators Elohim who make "Family Love" very important. By Mary of a purely true taintless girl, "God's child and Jesus," who was pure, taintless, and innocent without crime and dirty, was born.

Since in May, 22 A. D., when the prophet Johannes was 27 years old, he began to give the people the baptism to repent in the Jordan River.  Maybe, the blood type of Baptist Johannes was AO type by his profile.  And, Jesus took "the water baptism" from the prophet Johannes at 30 years old in the summer of 25 A. D. Then, he overcame Satan's trial fasting for 40 days in the wilderness. He took the fire baptism from Elohim and overflowed the spiritual power. He trained himself in the wilderness.  Then he first returned to Nazareth in Galilee, which was Jesus' hometown, to start the mission activity, and chose 12 apprentices.

Jesus cured blind' eyes, removed the evil spirit of the person to purify, and cured a lot of sickness of the sick persons with leprosy and paralysis, etc. And, Jesus also revived the dead again. Moreover, he took 5 loaf of bread and 2 fish when the crowd gathered to the wilderness, looked up at the sky, blest, spared it, and supported 5000 persons. And, they became full after eating.

Jesus taught the people how to live righteously on this ground with various fables and to love our creators and other persons with their entire mind, thought and power. And, Jesus predicted to 12 apprentices that he would be on the cross to the crucifixion to be killed and revive on the third day after death in order to purify all the people from their sin.

Jesus prayed to our creators ardently in Gethsemane to behave himself following to their project. Since Jesus knew all his fates through the revelation sent by them, he was very scary and painful. However, since Jesus loved our creators and us very much, he accepted the painful fate contentedly. Jesus' courage and strong faith move me very much to our creators.

On Friday, April 7, 30 A. D., when Jesus was 34 years old, he was made to the crucifixion by the cross as his prophecy, was killed, and was buried to the grave. Jesus was about 180-183 cm (5.9-6.0 feet) tall and his foot size was about 28 cm (11 inches).  But he revived on the third day after death by a scientific method. And, he appeared in front of 11 apprentices and ordered them to give baptism to the people all over the world and to mission all the things which Jesus had shown to them. Jesus appeared in front of apprentices frequently for 40 days after reviving to talk about "the Kingdom of God." He was pulled up into the beam ship (small spaceship) which floated in the air while apprentices were watching it.

Then, Jesus crossed the Atlantic Ocean by spaceship to go to the American continent. He appeared in front of the ancient Native Americans (the Nephites, the Iroquois, the Toltec, the Hopi, the Maya, etc.) who migrated from ancient Israel to the ancient American continent in the ancient times, for several days to give them such the teaching as he gave to the people in Israel. He was pulled up into the beam ship (small spaceship) which floated in the air while they were watching it.

After that, Jesus has been living in one of the underground bases, which our creators built in the magma in the earth, such as the ancient Mu and Atlantian people, who were rescued and were survived, in order to manage Christians and guide them. Jesus sometimes sends a telepathy message with image to the persons who pray to our creators every day and have a faithful life as a Christian.

Let's work hard to have a righteous and faithful life every day.

Both "Suffering" and "Resurrection" of Jesus Christ is necessary!

At schools and in churches in Europe, only "Suffering Statue" from which Jesus was made a crucifixion by the cross is often decorated. But it is not good to decorate only "Suffering Statue" in public facilities. The image of Jesus Christ of both "Suffering" and "Resurrection" should be decorated there.

"Suffering" is a symbol of the most suffering of Jesus Christ. And also, because "Suffering Statue" of Jesus Christ makes us associate the minus bad feelings of suffering, sadness, cruel, death, and defeat. Decorating only "Suffering Statue" of Jesus Christ only makes us cause only bad feelings (suffering and sadness).

We have both "Minus" and "Plus" feelings of "Suffer" and "Pleasure". We should grow both feelings well balanced. While "Suffering" of Jesus Christ causes us the bad feelings of "Suffer" and "Defeat," "Resurrection" of Jesus Christ causes us the good feelings of "Pleasure" and "Victory." Both "Suffering" and "Resurrection" of Jesus Christ is necessary for us. We follow Jesus and should be getting over "Suffer" in our life. Moreover, we should work hard in the faithful life to obtain "Pleasure" and "Victory" for "Resurrection" and "Eternal Life."

The education centers such as churches and schools should train us to grow a healthy mind to desire a peaceful and happy society where we have the warm family love and neighborly love. And also, they should train us to grow the faith to desire to revive in the coming "Kingdom of God" for "Eternal Life" following Jesus Christ revived and to spend the present life of "Examination Place of the Life" more faithfully and more significantly.

Therefore, the image of Jesus Christ of both "Suffering" and "Resurrection" which "Suffer" and "Pleasure" are symbolized together in the public facilities.

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