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To maintain a young and indefinitely active brain cell, it is very important to press the synopsis stimulation of the nerves of our brain.

In one of underground cities in underground magma of the earth, surviving Mu Continental persons live. One of Mu Continental persons who have been living in the earth about 10,200 years had sent me telepathy message with the image before. Many plants which a lot of green leaves pounded put on the room where he lived and the furniture such as sofas put in the green nature. Exactly, he was living relaxing in the nature, I felt.

Moreover, a lot of space aliens live in Europe and the United States, etc. I wonder whether there are a lot of beautiful towns where the art merges still in daily life for that reason. (Of course, there are some beautiful arts without the Western ones.)

We can also relax mentally while we live with the art works in daily lives. And we can get good energy since the satisfactory feeling springs and goes up by seeing beautiful art works.

We can get and draw out the good feelings of pleasantness, happiness, pleasure freshness, grace, intellect, reason, relief, gentleness, love, satisfaction, etc. inside our mind by varied daily lives with art works. For instance, impressionistic paintings which give relief to our mind, colorful abstractive pictures which warm up our mind, music which is relaxed our mind and made us more energetic and active, the interior design of the room where the art was abundant, artistic meal, and so on. So then, our daily life lightens faster and faster by putting the art works on familiar places in our own daily life. And the relationship with other people becomes more smooth, more cheerful, and happier, too. Finally, we can change any idea to positive one.

I decorate many art works of the paintings, etc. in my room. This creates the world of virtual reality to the room and expands the space. Moreover, it makes my brain relaxed furthermore through my sight. The composition, itself, with a line, a curve, a solid image, and a color etc. stimulates synopses of the brain and the brain cell is activated though I noticed recently. This notices what by not only man's sight but also the sense organs such as aural, touch, and smell should be stimulated moderately as we can get satisfactory feeling and happy feeling. Good music, good touch, and good smell stimulate synopses of our brain and the brain cell is activated better.

Moreover, if we participate in and enjoy events and festivals with much seasonable feeling such as enjoying seeing cherry blossom, camps, and picnics, it will stimulate our cranial nerves (synopses) and often works of our cranial nerves better. And then we can improve the memory and can maintain a healthy soul and a healthy body. (Immoderate eating and drinking is only healthily harmed!) Then, let's enjoy the event every season while we have an outstaying game with the calendar.

Thus, we can grow up spacious, wide, and abundant space souls if we significantly spend various changeable daily lives with much seasonable feeling, many colors, and stimulation of our senses.

You also should try the one to press the synopsis stimulation in daily life by all means.

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