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What meal do you have every day? Are you having a well-balanced nutritious meal?

The well-balanced nutritious meal improves the working of our brain and body. Moreover, a well-balanced nutritious meal and moderate whole body exercises improve the blood circulation of our bodies and maintain our healthy bodies. The side part of our brain is connected with the enormous computers in underground bases of our Creators "Elohim" in the earth. Then, when working of the brain is active, we can absolutely obtain correct information as for information sent by the computer.

Therefore, to always maintain the working of a healthy brain; let's think about the balance of the nutrition of the meal.

In the food group, there are six basic foods divided depending on the kind of characteristic of the content nutrient.

1. Sugar, cereals, and potatoes
2. Beans, fish, meat, and eggs
3. Milk, fingerling, and seaweeds
4. Fruit and green yellow vegetable
5. Light color vegetable and fruit
6. Oils and fats

Let's take these six basic foods with the well-balanced meal every day. For your reference, I recommend you to eat lean chicken, lean fish, carrots, prunes, walnuts, milk, beef, lever, etc. every day.

Of course, do not do the following as much as possible so that we may maintain a healthy brain and body: Having strong alcoholic beverages, coffee with a lot of caffeine and tannin acid, tea, and cokes which destroy calcium and contain a lot of caffeine, eating food with strong spice, smoking the cigarette with a lot of nicotine, using the narcotic such as the thinner, marihuana, opium, and cocaine. Because these bad foods destroy the cell of our brains and it is disturbed that correct information transmits to our brain.

Let's intend "early to bed and early to rise" as much as possible and take the sleep time enough. Let's recover the tiredness of the body and bear the nutritious replenishment of the body in mind. Since sleep shortage causes abnormality to the chromosome of the cell of the body and causes the sickness, we must not do sleep shortage as much as possible. Moreover, let's intend the whole body exercises as much as possible at a little time every day.

The daily nutritious and well-balanced meal maintains our health and activates the brain and the body. Furthermore, it makes our energy wave motion better and leads us to be happier.

The Free Sex Only Disarranges Social Order!

Since Venereal diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis, and AIDS spread in today's society, which is located in the third step of the civilized evolution level, it is very easy that the free sex will become a sick infection route. And the young are given only bad effects by the free sex not to grow their healthy mind. There are a lot of problems of the pregnancy, birth, and the pregnancy interruption, etc. among the teens in today's society and the free sex is only aggravating those problems further more.

Thus, the free sex is only caused the disarrangement of the social order in today's society of the 3~5th steps of the civilized evolution level. Moreover, the home collapse is brought. In the place without family love, a happy society does not exist. And the peace does not come to the place in an unhappy society.

(If it is the world where there is no sickness such as venereal diseases at all and man does not die in the society in the 6~7th steps of the civilized evolution level, the free sex will be admitted.)

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