(0)The Creation of the Earth (1)

(0)The Creation of the Earth (2)

(1)What is the Religion Naturally?

(2)Maitreya (Mithra) 

(3)Space Travel & Time Travel

(4)Our Savior, Jesus Christ


(6)Arts in Daily Life

(7)Right Nutritious Meals and Our Health

(8)The Spiritual Evolution for the Eternal Life

(9)The Kingdom of God

(10)The Future of the Earth



We were not able to succeed a scientific, intellectual inheritance from our Creators "Elohim" when "Last Judgment" finished in the entire earth society in about 1978. However, personal "Last Judgment" has not finished yet. How much each person can grow the faith to our Creators "Elohim," the neighborly love (space brother love), and the accomplishment of hope until "Harvest Time" will judge us then.

Therefore, this world where we live with a body now is "A Trial World" that is, examination hall to decide the next life of each person in the future. Our next world is different individually by how much we make an effort for "Eternal Life" in this "A Trial World."

 Though the computers in the underground bases grade the actions of all humans' lives, humans are classified to the world, where the degree of the advancement of the science is different, from the order with high score after death. And automatically each person's information is transmitted to a computer of other planets and societies from the computer in an underground base in the earth. Each person eternally has the same talent and will be reincarnated with a new body into the transmitted world.  The world, where the persons are reborn, is different according to a spiritual level immediately before each person dies. The persons with no good life action cannot be reborn and will ruin. And the bad persons will take an eternal punishment.

 There are eight worlds, where the spiritual level is different including the Hell. In each world the advancement of the science and technology, the level of the civilization, and man's life span are considerably different as the following figure:

The Level of the Civilizations ( Spiritual Level)


Life Span


Body Energy

Civilized Level &
Science Technology Level

Eternal Life
(Level 7)

over 100,000


best & big

highest (creating lives)

Level 6



best & big

highest (creating lives)
reduce and magnify things

Level 5



best & big

higher (being guardian spirits)
control the time

Level 4


usually none
rarely mental ones

best & big

higher (space travel)
Kingdom of God,

Level 3

70 - 100

physical & mental ones

various kinds of

Present earth society after
World War II

Level 2




Middle & Early Modern World

Level 1




Primitive Society






We should have strong faith to our Creators, do righteous actions, and live to the utmost in our present lives aiming at the seventh level world where our Creators "Elohim" live, that is, the world where the people, who have "Eternal Life" or "Immortal Right" in other words, live. We should go up very difficult, steep stairs step by step to obtaining an "Eternal life." "Eternal life" cannot be obtained by one jump. Let's go up into the world where a spiritual level is one step higher and evolve.

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