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In the middle of 1990's, the socialist countries keep collapsing since people partly lost the desire of "Live" straightening and "Work" straightening. Moreover, since people requested their own profit to capitalist countries too much by gaining power of the individualism, those countries became a society of disorder with a lot of crimes. In addition, I wonder whether the world will exactly ruin by the large fashion of peculiar diseases of venereal diseases of AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, and the deadly poisoned germ-melting infection syndromes, etc. because of the free sex.

I have also met and talked with the persons from former socialist countries such as Russia, China, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ex-East Germany, and Hungary. And I was surprised that all any persons had almost disliked socialism. Since I wanted to find the reason why they disliked socialism, I strongly tried to hear the reason from them which part of socialism was unpleasant for them concretely. But the person who answered seriously was 1 person or 2 persons. There were two big reasons that they were not free and their daily lives were inconvenient by lack of things.

Well, an economic reformation is done very actively in China and Vietnam who is the representative of existing socialist countries. But still entirely only industry and commerce are largely reformed. In the 1st industry of agriculture, fishery, and forestry etc., not being done at all is an epoch-making reformation, which uses the modern science and technologies in current states. Since "Food, clothing, and housing" are the most important for humans, to begin with, we must strongly reform the 1st industry which we can say the base of our daily lives. The difference between the rich and the poor keeps expanding between the city and the provinces because of it. And the illegal entrance to other countries keeps increasing.

Well, there will be hardly various problems, which we face in today's society, only without a racial problem in "The Kingdom of God" in the future. The future society will be similar to a personal-computer game and a city construction game "Sim City 2000". The socialism, which did not continue for 100 years in the 20th century either, will continue longer than 2000 years in "The Kingdom of God". There are a lot of happy living persons in socialism in other existing planet societies for thousands of years since they were born.

Near future, "The Kingdom of God," which it is said in the Bible and the one-thousand-kingdom of the Fourth Civilization Level, will come on the earth.   The one-thousand-kingdom of the Fourth Civilization Level will actually continue longer than 2,000 years.  And the earth will enter the golden age. And, when a social system is established to some degree, the earth society will bring up original culture referring to each planet society in the solar system, will suppress the civilized societies in other planets of the solar system, and will become a capital planet in the solar system. In addition, our earth will be located in a leading standpoint of the solar system and will manage the entire solar system.

A social system of "The Kingdom of God" will be established based on "Eileenism" and will be formed one federal nation. Some people might feel that there is no freedom for the individual though the lack of thing does not exist there. But, since everyone realizes the obligation and the responsibility as a constituent member to form the society by the population regulation system based on eugenics and genetic engineering and by the excellent education, he/she can contribute the individual talent to the society. Everyone's talent is admitted by the largeness of this social contribution, the life span right of more than 1,000 years is given, and it is possible to live longer. Furthermore, the government gives some chosen people the prize, which is that the right of the travel in the space and the instructing permission to the computer. And, to make consideration of one member of "The Kingdom of God" given priority, race's difference is abandoned.

This "Eileenism" is the one that socialist thought was developed. This is a new political theory, by which the society is only assumed to be a bright and happy one in the 21st century.  The completed society continues for more than 1,000 years. It can be said that there are three typical socialist theories (Marx-Leninism, Stalinism, and Eileenism) in the 20th century.

"The Kingdom of God" based on a social system of Eileenism is one federal nation and has one central government which controls and manages the autonomy nations. Moreover, in short, "The Kingdom of God" is a computer control society. The loyalty is sworn to space aliens (Elohim) who scientifically created us, the mankind, there. It is a highly developed scientific civilized society, which continues for more than 1,000 years under their guidance. And the highest decision organization of the nation named the presbyter assembly exists over the separation of three powers of the administration, legislation, and justice. It will be different from today's society. And there are ministries and public government offices such as Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Industries, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Communication and Transportation, Ministry of Labors, Ministry of Constructions, etc. in Cabinet which rules the administration. The entire society is smoothly acting on them to function. Three characteristic points of "The Kingdom of God" are the following:

1. Adoption of the computer control system.
2. Adoption of the population regulation system.
3. The excellent education system.
4. Adoption of the symbiosis system, the right man in the right place system, and the crime management control system.

"The Kingdom of God" will be a completed society in the Fourth Civilization Level, which will be much more excellent than today's society in any field. New Jerusalem City is a capital city of the earth federation and there is a central government, which manages and controls the earth federation. Since the autonomy nations are established, people can have the cultural exchange only in the international cultural Exchange City of New Jerusalem City. Not only various races in the earth society but also all people from far space out of this solar system and from other planets of this solar system gather to this New Jerusalem City suitably to the space age. And the international cultural exchange is done directly only in the special district of this New Jerusalem City.  Though many people visit this New Jerusalem City, they are very different from their appearance of not only the skin color but also the figure. Only the person who obtained the permission of a central government of the earth federation can visit in this New Jerusalem City.

Therefore, in general, the international cultural exchange is done only with the medium of mass media, i.e. television, personal computer, TV telephone, etc. in each autonomy nation. It is not possible to directly and freely go and see to New Jerusalem City without the permission of the central government. Every autonomy nation is one country, which composes the earth federation and has original culture with the trait all following the law and the policy of the earth federation.

Finally, "The Kingdom of God" is a cosmic, happy, and peaceful world. All the persons are receiving the favor of science and technology advanced in the highly developed scientific civilization. Most persons can have the life span of more than 1,000 years, have a healthy body without the sickness, get large and good energy, and have more than 200 of intelligence index (IQ). People have happy daily lives doing what they want to do so that they can demonstrate each one's talent best in the society. And, the nature and the city harmonize very well and artistically and the city is arranged to nature well. Besides, the city without pollution is formed following the ecology. "The Kingdom of God" is an ideal nation where humans and nature harmonize well and it is filled with love and hope.   "The Kingdom of God" is a sustainable society, too.

Our Creators predicted in Chapter 4 "Worship in Heaven," New Testament "The Revelation," that four political leaders and twenty-four elders under them will appear to manage the global society in the highly space scientific era as the following:

New Testament "Revelation" Chapter 4
Worship in Heaven
At this point I had another vision and saw an open door in heaven.
And the voice that sounded like a trumpet, which I had heard speaking to me before, said, "Come up here, and I will show you what must happen after this."
At once the Spirit took control of me. There in heaven was a throne with someone sitting on it.

His face gleamed like such precious stones as jasper and carnelian, and all around the throne there was a rainbow the color of an emerald.
In a circle around the throne were twenty-four other thrones, on which were seated twenty-four elders dressed in white and wearing crowns of gold.
From the throne came flashes of lightening, rumblings, and peals of thunder. In front of the throne seven lighted torches were burning, which are the seven spirits of God.
Also in front of the throne there was what looked like a sea of glass, clear as crystal.
Surrounding the throne on each of its sides, were four living creatures covered with eyes in front and behind.
The first one looked like a lion; the second looked like a bull; the third had a face like a human face; and the fourth looked like an eagle in flight.
Each one of the four living creatures had six wings, and they were covered with eyes, inside and out. Day and night they never stop singing.
"Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was, who is, and who is to come."

The four living creatures sing songs of glory and honor and thanks to the one who sits on the throne, who lives forever and ever. When they do so, the twenty-four elders fall down before the one who sits on the throne, and worship him who lives forever and ever. They throw their crowns down in front of the throne and say,
"Our Lord and God! You are worthy to receive glory, honor, and power. For you created all things, and by your will they were given existence and life."

Let's have a faithful life filled with the faith, love, and hope every day to be reborn to "The Kingdom of God" and survive there! And let's pray to our Creators "Elohim" every day! Furthermore, let's do righteous behavior every day and spend happy days!

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